Parking for sporting events can often be a troubling and aggravating process which requires time and  patience, which are not always in abundance on game day. Before getting involved with Parking Panda, the Rays didn’t have a reliable way to track cash purchases, the credit card solution took too long, and there was no way for season ticket holders to deduct credits from their season ticket cards. Overall, their existing parking process led to annoyed fans, frustrated workers, and an all-around bad customer experience.


The Rays’ goals were simple – to utilize a fast, all-in-one onsite payment solution to improve the gameday experience and gain a deeper understanding of their parking processes and metrics.


Parking Panda created a personalized P3OS (Parking Panda Point of Sale) system for the Rays that provides a frictionless customer entry and exit which speeds up the overall parking process. This all-in-one solution collects and records cash and credit card transactions, processes reservations through Parking Panda or Ticketmaster, and allows for the processing of their season ticket prepaid cards.


Parking Panda’s P3OS solution uses a mobile app that allows the attendant to quickly collect and record payments through a handheld device. Featuring a barcode imager to scan paper reservations, a credit card swipe, a recording option for cash transactions, bluetooth printing capabilities for receipts, and an RFID scan for season ticket holders, P3OS keeps their payment flow within one simple system. Attendants can also quickly access real-time reporting either on their desktop or through the app to track and manage usage and inventory.


Parking Panda’s frictionless solution unifies all payment methods into one redemption module while drawing from the same inventory pool and allowing the onsite attendant to manage all transactions within the same simple interface. Operators are also able to analyze data after an event by simply reconciling all transactions into one report giving them a better understanding of their parking processes. Having utilized the P3OS solution for the past two years, the Rays have recorded 286,162 transactions with an average parking time of just 3 seconds per vehicle! This has created a painless and enjoyable customer experience for their fans.


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