A large social media company in Menlo Park uses valet parking in their employee lots due to the large number of cars going in and out of the lots each day. However, the process of actually retrieving their cars was very manual and required employees to bring their valet slip to the attendant then wait on the attendant to bring their car around, which could be a timely process.  Employees could also self park, but run the risk of having their vehicle blocked by a valet vehicle which would require them to go to the valet stand to request the vehicle be moved. The parking experience led to employee frustration and decreases in productivity as much time was spent waiting in the garage instead of working in the office.


The company’s goals were simple – to provide a ticketless valet solution to their employees along with more notifications for self parkers while gaining valuable data on all activities involving parking.


Parking Panda created a hybrid of their P3OS (Parking Panda Point of Sale) system that included an iOS based application that allows the valet to upload vehicle information by scanning a VIN, create a digital ticket to send to the employee, and collect and show real-time snapshots of the parking operation.


The Ticketless Valet utilizes iOS technology and provides a digital valet solution on a handheld device that can track and record all operational data and provide a ticketless customer experience.


Parking Panda’s Ticketless Valet solution helped to digitize the company’s parking experience while recording data around all elements of the parking process. Employees are now able to text the attendant and within 15 minutes their car will be waiting for them. For those who parked themselves and find their vehicle blocked by a valet vehicle,  they are able to text the valet their vehicle location and the valet will come to unblock the vehicle. 
In addition, the attendant can see who is parking, who is  active, how many cars are parked, when people are coming and going, any vehicle damage, and a history of all vehicle movements. Overall, the Ticketless Valet helps companies become more efficient while making their employees’ lives easier.


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