Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Overview

On what devices and platforms can the software run?

All of Parking Panda’s web-based tools will work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. They are hosted by Parking Panda and are provided to you as a service. While many devices are capable, some devices will perform better than others or may have restricted capabilities. For a full list of supported and recommended devices, contact us at

What additional hardware is required?

If your existing equipment supports a 3rd party integration, we can work with it to provide a solution for you, and you will not need additional hardware. If the existing hardware does not support the functionality you are looking for (e.g. QR code scanning, remote gate vending), you may need to purchase additional hardware and/or licensing.

What if the product doesn’t fully meet my needs?

We’re always adding new features and functionality to our web services and applications and can accommodate most feature requests within a short timeline. We will work hard to close the gap between your requirements and what we currently support.

Will I have access to manage setup, rates, space availability?

Yes, you have access to manage all set-up and configuration. We will assist you with the more complex configuration tasks and initial setup (e.g. customizing receipt templates, customizing dashboard reporting).

What reporting is available to me?

Everything that is processed or flows through our system is available for reporting in real-time. This includes comps and validations creation and redemption, reservation creation and redemption, point of sale transactions, and any other data flowing through our system.


Will Parking Panda’s products integrate with my existing PARCS equipment?

We have existing integrations with 15+ PARCS equipment providers and are constantly adding new integrations. If your provider supports 3rd party integrations, we can integrate.

How do you integrate with existing systems?

Every integration is unique. Most systems open up an API that allows us to push data into the system as well as pull usage data out of the system. When a reservation or transaction is processed, we push the data in real-time into the PARCS system. When a point of sale transaction is processed, we allow you to have a receipt printed with a QR code that will allow customers to scan into and out of a parking facility. Depending on the integration, we can also vend gates remotely in real time.

With what systems can you integrate?

We have existing integrations with Amano, DataPark, SKIDATA, TIBA, Parkonect, and multiple other PARCS providers. We are constantly adding new integrations. We also support exporting data to 3rd party data centers for reporting purposes.

If my system isn’t listed on your website, can I still set up an integration?

We are always adding new integrations to our platform. If your system can support an integration, we will work with you to set it up.

Security & Fraud Prevention

Is credit card and customer information secure?

Yes. Credit card data is securely tokenized immediately following the credit card swipe and is always encrypted when being transferred to our server or the payment processor’s servers. Customer information is retained in an encrypted database in the cloud and is accessible only via secure login to our backend platform.

Where is customer information stored?

Non-payment related customer information is stored in an encrypted database in the cloud. It is accessible only via secure login to our backend platform.

How are payments processed?

Credit card data is tokenized on the device and securely communicated to our web server. The token is then sent to the appropriate payment processor and charged.

Is Parking Panda PCI Compliant?

Yes. Parking Panda is PCI Compliant as a merchant. If you need to process transactions using your own merchant account, Parking Panda will be a PCI Compliant Service Provider within the next 6 months. Until then, Parking Panda must be the merchant of record and we will transfer money to you on a weekly basis.

Installation & Cost

What is the level of effort for installation?

Installation and set-up with Parking Panda’s services range from easy to complex depending on the scale and depth of your operation, but we will be there every step of the way to make it as simple as possible for you.

Do Parking Panda’s tools work with the existing infrastructure?

Parking Panda’s robust set of parking management tools work with 15+ PARCS equipment providers as well as TicketMaster and Fortress and are constantly adding new integrations.

How much do the various tools cost?

For pricing information for any of our tools for your location/venue, please contact our Business Development team at

How do I get started?

For information on implementing any Parking Panda solutions, contact

Where can I get more information?

Please contact our Business Development team at

What is the Affiliate Program?

How does Parking Panda work with Affiliates?

As an affiliate of Parking Panda, we will provide you with content, including HTML code for your site, social media and email marketing, that will allow customers to find, reserve and purchase parking directly from your website.

What are the benefits of the Affiliate Program?

Parking Panda is as a resource for parking information around your venue, acting as an amenity to your patrons while generating a new flow of income for your business.

How do I become an Affiliate?

For more information on joining Parking Panda’s affiliate program, please contact