For Venue Owners and Event Managers

Learn how Parking Panda can simplify the parking experience. Let us help you enable your website for reservations and digitize the ticketing process.


Provide a complete parking solution to your customers and visitors with an affiliate partnership with Parking Panda. Benefits include:  

  • Seamless booking experience for your customers directly from your website
  • Additional revenue stream for your business
  • Access to real-time reporting
  • Premium in-house customer service
  • Marketing of your event


Parking Panda is able to streamline parking for events of all sizes. Whether you are managing on-site parking for your event or directing your
attendees to nearby parking locations, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Manage Your Own Onsite Parking

Learn how the Tampa Bay Rays are using Parking Panda’s P3OS technology to streamline parking at the stadium.

Direct Traffic to 3rd Party Locations

Learn how events such as The San Francisco Marathon implement our interactive map widgets.


Parking Panda Point of Sale (P3OS) is a robust smartphone application that allows venues and attended facilities to collect and record multiple forms of onsite and advance payments from a single device. Using a handheld device, you will be able to process cash, credit card payments, reservations, and RFID prepaid transactions. P3OS also allows for ticketless valet operations to provide an improved customer experience.

  • Streamline your event parking payment system
  • Speed up parking entry and exit times
  • Transact faster credit card purchases, prepaid reservations, and cash payments
  • Integrate painlessly with Fortress and Ticketmaster and other ticketing platforms


Our custom built module provides a way to digitally create and distribute comps and validated parking passes that integrate with your existing parking equipment. Save time, get real-time data and manage usage and inventory with this fully automated solution. Some of the benefits include:

  • Create vouchers/promotions to send out digitally via text or email
  • Assign a pool of vouchers to event managers
  • Track activity of voucher use
  • Integrate with your existing PARCS equipment


Learn more about Parking Panda’s Suite of Management Tools